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Vehicle Entry Tarp

The cover is designed using a 3-point entry system and maximum sizing based on the Linde H35 Series or 7000 lb machine. A VET-TP cover completely encloses the truck from the fork face to the counterweight by accommodating enough material for left and rear light assembly or without, with the mast in a vertical position with the forks lowered, while maintaining OSHA's 3-point safety regulations. Mast must not exceed the height of the overhead space guard (OHG).

open cover_edited.jpg

Additional Information

*  The VET-TP cover does not meet the specifications of a dual wheel lift truck.

*  Cover can be tailored for other forklift models height

* Material has a three year warrantee 

*  Grommets are located at the bottom of the cover to secure the cover with additional straps during transport or severe inclement weather

*  Cover includes interior sealed document protector while keeping documents visible from the exterior

*  Click here to see measurement chart

Why you should choose VET-TP

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