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All products are made using black 600 Denier polyester with polyurethane (for water resistance) and UV coating which makes this ideal for outdoor use. Material comes with a 3-year no fade guarantee. All covers will have three labels, document window, and hem and grommets on the bottom.


Vehicle Entry Tarp

opened vehicle entry tarp with sealed document holder over forklift
Two tags and clear sealed pouch to hold vehicle documents

A cover that completely encloses the truck from the fork face to the counterweight.  Learn More...

Coated Absorbent Rug

Minimize ground contamination from parked heavy machinery with the Absorbent Rug. Learn More...

Oil Absorbing Rug with VET-TP logo
Oil Absorbing Rug under tractor to catch any oil leakage

Coming Soon - E Series 

Currently in production. Made for EV forklifts. Will be available to view and purchase soon!

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