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Coated Absorbent Rug

Now available through VET-TP

The Absorbent Rug is designed for utilization around machinery where oils and solvents are used. The Coated Absorbent Rug is designed to absorb and contain spills, thus minimizing floor and ground contamination. The barrier layer is chemical resistant and non-skid for safety. The specially designed grey needle felt material has a high affinity for oils, hydrocarbon cleaners, and solvents. The typical put up is 36" x 100'. Other roll or sheet widths and lengths are available upon requests.

To receive a quote, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit your request. Someone will reach out to you shortly.


Additional Information

*  Total absorption was judged as no longer absorbing oil.

*  Product has a typical variation of +/- 10% industry standard.

*  The material can be washed off with a hose. While it will initially absorb some of the water, the water will evaporate off of the material. Once washed, the oil will remain within the absorbent and will not wash out.

Ways to use the Absorbent Rug

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